The following policy statement has recently been announced by the ACU and is reproduced here for your information. Any questions regarding this, or for any other information on competing with a disability, please contact the ACU directly. 

Disability and the procedure for obtaining your ACU Licence 

Question: Although I am a registered disabled person I have a keen interest in motorcycle sport. I rode a bike before I became disabled / I have my own adapted road bike and would like to take up competitive motorcycling.

Would I be able to get an ACU competition licence?

Answer: The Auto Cycle Union has a policy of encouraging and supporting the motorcycling ambitions of anyone with a disability and making motorcycle sport an activity that is genuinely open to anyone who wishes to take part. The ACU has a framework of requirements and assessments to ensure you can enjoy the sport in whatever capacity and to whatever level you are able.

Because of the huge variation in possible disabilities, everybody who applies for an ACU licence is treated and looked at individually. The first thing to do is to complete an ACU licence application form which you can download from the ‘join us’ section of the ACU website .

On the form you have to complete a medical declaration. If you do have a disability of any description then you will also need to ask your General Practitioner to fill out the medical report section of the licence application to indicate whether or not they feel you are medically fit to compete. If they are unsure from the nature of your disability whether you are able to compete or not then they are able to tick a box asking for referral to the ACU Medical Panel. Some disabilities may not cause a problem for competitive motorcycling.

People with disabilities are understandably and commendably motivated to try and perform as well as an able bodied person. However, the desire to take part can sometimes cloud the judgement and it's important you should discuss your own disability and your wish to compete with your GP and/or Hospital Specialist, whose advice on the feasibility and wisdom of your competing should not be ignored.

In considering your application, any supporting written evidence that you can supply will help the Medical Panel better consider your case. For instance, if you have lost an arm in a previous accident and have an adapted road going bike which allows you to ride with only one arm and you are really committed to competing, giving the ACU supporting written evidence of your performance at track days would be very helpful.

Clearly there are some disabilities which would preclude an individual from competitive sport, either because of a practical reason or because of the increased injury potential for the rider and/or fellow competitors/spectators. In making a decision as to the suitability of a candidate, the ACU will take all of these issues into consideration.

Every applicant is looked at individually and if you are not sure about whether you would be able to compete but did not want to complete a licence application form initially, then write to the ACU Licence Department explaining in detail the nature of your disability and they will let you know if it is worth you making an application.

Once we have assessed your application, if there is no medical reason why you cannot give it a go, then you will be asked to attend a sport specific riding assessment where you will be observed by an ACU Assessor from the discipline of the sport in which you intend to participate. You may be asked to find a venue for the test and cover any charges that may arise, although the ACU will cover the expenses of the assessor.

If the assessor feels that you have demonstrated full and proper control of your machine, they will sign off your application and forward it to the ACU Licence Department for the issuing of your licence.

The ACU, as the Regulatory body for UK motorcycle sport, understandably have a duty of care to make sure you will not be a danger to your fellow competitors as well as to yourself.

If you have any questions concerning this process please contact the ACU on 01788 566400.

You will also find some additional information on disabilities and medical conditions on the ACU website