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North Kent Clubs Beginners & Wobblers Trials.



At a North Kent Trials Combine meeting in 1993, a number of clubs including the Double Five produced a list of 'newcomer' trials dates for the 1994 season. It was seen as a positive step to reverse the trend of falling numbers of riders coming into (and back to) the sport at that time. The trials were to be organised by each of the participating clubs in turn on an informal 'rota' basis, and all members of each club were to be invited.

They proved to be very successful, and this type of trial continues today as a well-established and popular part of the trials scene within the North Kent Trials Combine.

Now, once a rider has been attracted into the sport, each of the participating clubs has a list of ‘beginner’ trials in which the newcomer can be accommodated on a regular basis. They are 'sensible' trials for those riders that have become affectionately known as 'Beginners and Wobblers'. The clubs want to encourage these riders to progress but only if they wish, and when they are ready. Varying skill levels are accommodated by having two different routes (of differing severity) through each section.

The main aim of having a 'yellow', basic route is that if a rider has not ridden before (or hasn’t ridden for a long time) they will be able to ride in the trial in their own right, against like riders. This allows them to build confidence and skill, facilitating a smooth progression to the more challenging (but far from intimidating) red route.

Some of the better riders tend to use the events as opportunities to practice, but the routes are still faithfully laid out according to the original format, i.e. to specifically accommodate newcomers, riders returning to the sport after a lay off, and riders that just want to have a bit of fun on a Sunday without wrecking their bikes (and themselves!).

The participating clubs have all volunteered to be part of the B&W group. Not all clubs in the North Kent Trials Combine can realistically participate, mainly due to the resulting number of entries being too great! It benefits the smaller sized clubs like the Double Five, who are now able to book costly land with the guarantee of enough entries to cover the cost of running the event. Previously, small clubs were unable to afford those pieces of land with their relatively low numbers of riders.

Since the inception of the B&W series, the Combine is in a better position to provide for its newcomers, and riders returning to the sport in the area. Running this type of trial has encouraged many a rider to get that old trials bike out of the shed or garage and back into the sections!

The trials are arranged on dates, which in the main do not clash with the existing ACU South Eastern Centre trial dates. Riders wanting to ride in this series of trials may not be ready to enter a Combine or Centre trial in the early days, but are still able to ride these events if they wish. In time it is hoped that riders will progress, but at their own pace. There is no pressure, and that is one of the reasons the trials are so popular.


Format - Main Points

Any club signed up for the series will adhere to the following format for B&W trials : -

1)    Two routes to be laid out, a Yellow and a Red.

2)    As a guideline, the severity of the routes should be :-

  • Yellow route laid out such that a Trail Bike with working lights & indicators can ride it.
  • Red route will be easier than a normal Combine Trial Red route.

3)    NO results will be published.

4)    Riders to score themselves (if they so wish) using a 'standard' B&W score card to allow uniformity.

5)    Entry fees to start at around £10, depending on the cost of the land.

6)    The club running the event to sign up any new members if they wish.


Beginners and Wobblers Participating Clubs

Only members of participating clubs may ride in the B&W series of trials.



Double Five Kent

Bexleyheath & District

Gravesend Eagles


Erith & District

Sidcup & District

Kent Youth

Kent & Sussex

96 Trials Club