An interesting article appeared a whille back in the Biggin Hill News (Feb 18th 2010 to be exact) and was spotted by en eagle-eyed reader and forwarded to us. It's a little piece of history relating to the club, and is reproduced here for your enjoyment.


Day at the Races event run by Double Five Kent Motor Club

Geoff Worham attended two of the three motor cycle race meetings at Biggin Hill (Aerodrome) in 1959 (Chronicler, December 17).

“I remember the first meeting in particular”, he writes, “as a friend and I bunked onto the centre of the circuit and got a terrific view of the racing”.

“In those days security was not tight and we both appeared in the following week’s Motor Cycle News standing there in the middle of the track”.

“Although Ginger Payne from Chislehurst won both of the main solo races, we were more impressed by the sidecar races”. “One sidecar team was driven by a bloke called Robinson, who had a 1000 Vincent outfit”. “He was both amazing and crazy and I believe he won both events”.

Geoff tells me he was 15 at the time and cycled with his friend from Eltham to Biggin Hill. “We’re still mates”, he writes. “He lives in Cudham and I live in Chipstead”.

Source: Biggin Hill News article 18th Feb 2010

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