This is the home website of the Double Five Kent Motor Club. As you may know, the site was hacked earlier this year due to the software which supports it becoming out of date. It was a sizeable undertaking to migrate the old content onto a modern and secure new platform (which is why it wasn't done earlier!) but we are now pleased to announce that the transfer is complete.

There is still a fair amount of work to do repairing links, menus etc. but the groundwork is done. Over the next few weeks, we will tidy up the broken bits, give the site a bit of a cosmetic update, and reload all the old photos and videos. We will also be uploading as much new material as we can fit on the server, and we would desperately encourage any club member, supporter or friend of the club to provide us with any fresh and relevant material.

Going forward, the website will represent a reference resource for the club and its history. We want to make it as interesting and representative as we can. We will no longer be using it as a vehicle for conveying the latest news and event information, as Steve Westley already maintains this on the South East Trials Combine site, but we felt that the club deserved its own presence on the internet too.


Berni George, webmaster.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Tenterden Weald of Kent trial on the 4th October 2015 has been cancelled due to the parking area being excessively waterlogged.



We have had problems with the Double Five 'Join Us' online membership system between August 1st and 16th September, which has resulted in any applications made between those dates not being received correctly. I am pleased to report that the problem has now been fixed and the system is again working normally, so please continue to make use of it.

If you have applied to join the Double Five in this period and have not received a response, this is the reason. Please re-apply using the form HERE, or just chase us up using our CONTACT FORM.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

PLEASE NOTE: This has nothing to do with ACU membership - there is no link between the two systems, and your ACU membership is completely unaffected.


Berni George,



In this article, we will mainly be addressing the use of social media whilst tackling a section.

These are the latest guidelines on when and where to best employ the media-sharing capabilities of your smartphone, and we are greatly indebted to clerk of the course Mark, for demonstrating the technique.


Just to clarify that the NKTC have moved to two meetings a year, June & Nov with the Nov meeting hosting the AGM. There is no NKTC meeting this Thursday 18th Sept - our next meeting is Thursday 6th Nov.